Lynn Beckman Music Collection Added To Garrett County Historical Museum Collection

                A near chronological anthology of music created by Garrett County songwriter and recording artist Lynn Beckman was presented to the Garrett County Historical Museum (107 South Second Street, Oakland) and will be available for display in the arts section of the museum as soon as it is catalogued.  

                The materials were presented on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, just in time to include a new CD release of fifteen original songs Beckman recorded for Mon Hills Records, a commercial record label and subsidiary of West Virginia University’s Creative Arts Division.  The new release is entitled, “My Mountain Home,” and is intended for global distribution and marketing within the next few weeks.

                Included in the collection are international recordings of songs and musical tracks such as a historic box set issued by Bear Family Records of Germany that contains four songs, one a self-penned tune, Beckman recorded in Nashville’s Hall of Fame Studios in the mid-1970’s for the Houston, Texas, based D Record label once owned and operated by Harold “Pappy” Daily who produced and managed a number of artists including George Jones and George Strait among others.

                The collection also includes the very first commercial recording Beckman made for the Major Record label of Waynesboro, VA, in 1972, a vinyl album of twelve self-penned songs.  Among the other items are the 50th anniversary Autumn Glory Festival song CD and international releases on the NCM Record label from the United Kingdom / England and the Desert Kid Record label from Germany.

                Beckman’s music is globally marketed through music retailers and resellers world-wide including iTunes; Amazon; Rhapsody; Spotify; CDBaby and others.  Nearly 120 of his recordings may be accessed on YouTube and on the artist’s website,

                “While I have many Gospel, country and middle-of-the road recordings on the market, I do not consider myself an entertainer as much as I feel I am a songwriter.  Some of my songs have been recorded by other artists including the late Grand Ole Opry legend, Billy Walker who recorded a Gospel song of mine entitled, ‘For Me.’  I was fortunate enough to work engagements and fashion musical collaborations with Walker and with Nashville’s Bluegrass legend, Ronnie Reno,” Beckman commented.  A CD collaboration with Beckman and Reno is included in the museum collection as are recordings Beckman made with certain family members and with Germany’s top country artist, Hermann Lammers Meyer and Shenandoah Jubiliee songstress Lisa Meadows.  

                “I am delighted that the Garrett County Historical Museum finds my musical works of interest and worthy of inclusion in their historical collection.  I extend my gratitude to Martha DeBerry for her efforts in making the collection available for public display in the museum,”  Beckman said.

                Further information may be obtained by calling the museum at 301-334-3226 or referring to Beckman’s website.

                Beckman resides at Swanton.  He and his wife, Mary, have three adult sons, Richard, Keith and Timothy all of whom have contributed to various projects over the years.

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