REVIEW: CONNECTED: Grassland To Gloryland By Anne Briese, German Freelance Music Reviewer

Lynn Beckman with Ronnie Reno, The Reno Tradition & Mary Beckman Connected: Grassland to Gloryland Anchor Cross SRC-AC-104 You love bluegrass, gospel, and songs that makes you feel like coming home ? Then you definitely should buy this brand new album. Lynn Beckman and all these top musicians recorded a bouquet of wonderful songs at Hilltop Studios, Nashville, which all come deep from their hearts – true hearted music. Really wonderful ! Besides the wonderful Lead Vocals of Lynn Beckman, the musicians are: Ronnie Reno, Harmony Vocals and Guitar: Mary Beckman, Harmony Vocals: Mike Scott, Banjo; Jackie Miller, Fiddle and Guitar; Robin Smith, Upright bass; Kim Gardner, Dobro; John Maberry, Mandolin The cd starts with the speedy song about "The Royal Telephone" which has been re-arranged by Lynn Beckman. A foot-tapping one which really makes one feel happy. The second track is very special: "What Hurt Him More" written by Mary and Lynn Beckman together. Here the Banjo and Mandolin are underlining the wonderful voice of Lynn. If somebody is in a bad mood and has to go through lots of trouble, listen to track no. 4, "Tell The Storm," written by Lynn Beckman. This song really helps a lot and brings all into the right dimension again, because the Lord is even more mighty than any storm. As to the 7th title "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again" – which again is a traditional one, rearranged by Lynn Beckman, these lyrics could have been written by myself. I also very often wish to hear my mother pray and sing again. Well this is just a short introduction. The whole cd contains old and new songs, and you can hear that all musicians did their job deep from their hearts. Enjoy and feel happy. Anne Briese
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