CONNECTED: Grassland To Gloryland CD Gets Rave Review

LYNN BECKMAN with RONNIE RENO, THE RENO TRADITION & MARY BECKMAN CONNECTED: GRASSLAND TO GLORYLAND ANCHOR CROSS RECORDS Produced by Ronnie Reno (son of the legendary Don Reno and a musician's musician), a man clearly born with "country" in his DNA. So, wow! If you like to musically break into tingling bluegrass pins-and-needles, you'll like this. Thirteen sweet gospel goodies, a delightful mix of new and old, the songs will leave you toe-tapping or deeply meditating in introvert mood. Here's a grassroots manifestation of the Gospel on full throttle. The CD joyfully lays it all out on the solid 'good tidings line' with great abandonment and honesty, and is highly recommended. Lynn's earthy-deep velvet-vocal is as mature like seasoned wine, the class that comes only with skill and experience. His repertoire includes pick-out testimonial tracks that come directly from-the-heart with an evocative quality. Yes, indeed! Here's an impressive mixture of his such original story-song compositions plus traditional evergreens and collaborations. The sessioners give the album project an extra-special, fantastic feel. PAUL DAVIS
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