Published In NCM Newsletter -- 12/22/2006. Award to officially be presented March 03, 2007 in Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard, England (UK). LYNN BECKMAN writes, “This is a most cherished and humbling moment in my life, musical ministry and career, and I am truly grateful. I wish to thank Paul Davis; Laura Ewers; the DJs and media around the world; all my fans and friends; and all persons involved for your kind considerations in my behalf in presenting to me the 2006 NCM RADIO MIKE AWARD, as NCM COUNTRY MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR --USA. I am truly grateful, deeply humbled and very surprised. If I may be permitted, I wish to accept this award in memory of Grand Ole Opry Country Music Legend Mr. BILLY WALKER, his wife Bettie, and his two band members, Danny Patton and Charlie Lilly, dear friends all, who where were tragically killed when their touring van wrecked on May 21, 2006. Billy and Bettie were very supportive of my music, and I appeared on various shows with Billy and The Tennessee Walker Band on the road and in Nashville. Billy and Bettie were the ones who first introduced me to NCM and made me aware of Mr. Paul Davis and his excellent work in Gospel and country music. It came about when a Gospel song I wrote and Billy recorded, entitled "FOR ME," was released world-wide on NCM. Billy and Bettie told me of their very high regard for Mr. Paul Davis. Again, I offer my most sincere thanks for this award, and I also offer my congratulations and best wishes to all of the other award winners and to NCM for its outstanding outreach in sharing the Word of God in song throughout the world.”
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