THE FATHER AND THE SON: Telling The Gospel Story

by Lynn Beckman and Rick Beckman

Released 2004
Swanton Records
Released 2004
Swanton Records
Thirteen new, original, modern country / easy-listening / engaging Gospel songs that will inspire and spiritually lift every heart while they instruct and nurture in the faith about the earthly and heavenly relationships between THE FATHER & THE SON.

Lynn Beckman has been named as the recipient of the 2006 NCM RADIO MIKE AWARD as MALE COUNTRY ARTIST OF THE YEAR -- USA by New Christian Music. The award was announced in November, 2006, and will be presented in Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard, England, on March 03, 2007 by GRAND OLE OPRY LEGEND GEORGE HAMILTON IV.

Lynn Beckman (The Father) and Rick Beckman (The Son) have been singing Gospel songs all of their lives. From western Maryland where the father still resides (Appalachian Mountain region), the two are rooted both in the life of the church and in Gospel and country music. The son (Rick) now resides in northeastern North Carolina in the Outer Banks region.

Both the father and the son have written special and very moving songs for this album about the very special family relationship of father and son. Rick's song, entitled "THE SMALL THINGS," was written as a tribute to both his father and his father-in-law. Lynn's song, "THE SHOEBOX," tells the story of a soldier-son's special financial need and request and his father's response and the years that followed. An allegory and not unlike a parable at all, the song is an "earthly story with a heavenly meaning." In short, its point demonstrates the gift God the Father has given to all through His Son, Jesus The Christ. Both songs continue to be popular with patrons of various digital download music services around the world, with CD buyers everywhere, and with concert-goers whether in churches or other venues where the songs are presented.

Also included in THE FATHER and THE SON album is their internationally acclaimed song, "A BRAND NEW BOOK." In addition to the song's release in this album, it was also released on NCM Records out of England and distributed across Europe. It remained on the Euro charts for 17 weeks straight in 2004 where it climbed to #3 in country-Gospel music. For music friends and fans around the world who receive Country Music Round-up Magazine, published in United Kingdom, feature articles were published on Lynn Beckman in both the June and July (2004) issues.

Another song from the album, "THERE WERE NO TOYS," was also released by NCM in England. It came out for the 2004 Christmas season. "THERE WERE NO TOYS," first appeared at number 7 on the Euro New Christian Music Chart the week of December 6, 2004, and quickly climbed to #2 before the close of the holiday season. The song also charted in the top 30 during the 2005 Christmas season. Meanwhile it has garnered positive reviews and reports from New Zealand and Australia as well as the U.S.A. and Europe.

Other songs that continue to be popular with digital download patrons and father and son fans around the world include, "REMEMBER ME," "HE WAS PRAYING," "YOU WILL LOVE ME THROUGH," "THE LIGHTHOUSE ON THE SHORE," "FISHERS OF MEN," "HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW YOU PRAY," and "THE GLORYLAND TRAIN."

Both Lynn and Rick are musicians as well as vocalists, and both play on the CD as does another of Lynn's sons, Tim who joins in playing and singing on certain selections on the project.

Lynn has been featured the WSM Midnight Jamboree Radio Show from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop's famous Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville, TN, and has made numerous road appearances with Grand Ole Opry Legend Billy Walker and The Tennessee Walker Band; appeared on the Sagebrush Round-up in Fairmont, WV; and has been a guest artist on the road with many other artists including George Hamilton IV and Ronnie Reno. He has appeared on the popular Shenandoah Jubilee (Skyline Drive in Virginia) and has been heard over WWVA Radio in Wheeling, West Virginia.

With the 13 new, original songs included in this CD and the positive reception the world has given to its contents, it is no wonder that this album remains a best buy value everywhere and continues to be the market leader in sales and downloads for the THE FATHER AND THE SON worldwide.

SINGERS: Tracks are available on each song. Email to inquire.