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Songs Of The Heart, Heaven And Home

by Lynn Beckman

Released 2000
Major & Lynn Beckman Music
Released 2000
Major & Lynn Beckman Music
A blend of songs about the heart, Heaven, and home. Featuring mostly Gospel songs, it offers positive life-driven messages from every angle...personal loss...spiritual struggles...praise and thanksgiving. Includes popular, "My Homeland Is Maryland."

Lynn Beckman has been named as the recipient of the 2006 NCM RADIO MIKE AWARD as MALE COUNTRY ARTIST OF THE YEAR -- USA by New Christian Music. The award was announced in November, 2006, and will be presented in Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard, England, on March 03, 2007 by GRAND OLE OPRY LEGEND GEORGE HAMILTON IV.

There are 12 songs on this album featuring the very best of Lynn Beckman's versatility in writing and musical styles. Some of his most requested and signature songs are included--about 70% of the album is Gospel, but all of the songs carry a positive message as is the Lynn Beckman tradition. When Lynn appears in his home state of Maryland, one of his most requested songs is, "My Homeland Is Maryland," the second track on this album. Lynn says in reference to the song, "I am pleased that the people of Maryland love the song and have taken to it as they have. My home state is one of the most diverse in the nation, and most folks outside of Maryland fail to realize that. Going westward, it stretches from the ocean to the Chesapeake Bay and from the Bay to the wonderful expansive valley west of Baltimore and onward to the mountain lands of far western Maryland and the last county before the state ends, Garrett County, my home area. The song covers the whole state and even speaks of its heritage and significance in history. It is known in history as 'The Free State.'" Since the song has been recorded and released commercially, copies of it have been provided to various Maryland Governors, State and Federal legislators, and bureau chiefs. It has elicited comments of appreciation and recognition from them to Lynn as both the composer and singer. There are not many, if any, songs about Maryland like there are about NY, WV, TN, CA, PA, VA, TX, etc. So, Lynn Beckman says, "I wrote one about MD thinking it was high time my home state had a song, too. Yes, we have an official state song, 'Maryland, My Maryland', but it has never been a commercial song sung like many songs have been about other states." As the album title suggests, there are positive message and Gospel songs that come from nearly every area of life. Included are ballads, praise and thankfulness themes, stories of loss, decision-making, spiritual struggles, and victory--even the ultimate victory of the return of Jesus Christ and the catching away of the Church as related in the song "The Rapture" co-written with Lynn's wife, Mary Virginia Beckman. Other of Lynn's most requested songs included are, "Little White Church Back Home" and "A Child Of The King." This is a "must-have" album for collectors of Lynn Beckman music and for every country-Gospel genre fan who wants a cd that will remain a favorite in the cd player and make round after round in listening enjoyment.

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