Lookin' Down the Road

by Lynn Beckman

Released 2008
Swanton / Anchor Cross
Released 2008
Swanton / Anchor Cross
A distinctive voice in modern country, gospel, acoustic and popular music singing positive message songs with great lyrics, singable melodies, extraordinary arrangements and super Nashville caliber pickers.
This new CD of 21 songs is perfectly titled “LOOKIN’ DOWN THE ROAD” because, like a highway, it runs the mind in two directions… from the past to the future right through the present.

There is most certainly more than a song or two for everyone in this outstanding collection. In addition to LYNN BECKMAN it also features vocals by special guest artists LISA CAMPBELL MEADOWS, Virginia’s best girl singer; Nashville’s bluegrass legend RONNIE RENO singing harmony and pickin’ some hot-lick acoustic guitar; and TIM BECKMAN, youngest son in the Beckman household, debuting his self-penned new song as his first commercial solo recording.

If there was to be a “best of” CD of Lynn Beckman, this one would be it for sure. The 21 songs make it a full-audio experience with a variety of titles, arrangements and powerful lyrics that enhance the listening experience. There are traditional songs like “YOU ARE MY FLOWER,” “DON’T THAT ROAD LOOK ROUGH AND ROCKY,” “PICTURE ON THE WALL,” and “THE WRECK OF THE OLD NINETY-SEVEN.” These pick up the highway view that runs from the past… not to mention the new rock-a-billy version of “WORRIED MAN BLUES” that has been re-titled “WORRIED MAN BOOGIE” to fit the new arrangement... a song of both the past and present!

Then, there are new favorites like “THREE LITTLE WORDS,” “MONDAY MORNING’S COFFEE” (penned by son and father Rick and Lynn Beckman), “IF YOU WERE A POTTER,” “YOU’RE EVERYWHERE AROUND ME,” and many, many more... most of which were wrtten by Lynn Beckman. There is also "RAINY DAY BLUES" sung by Lynn Beckman and written by him and his grandson, Gregory Alan Beckman (now in the U.S. Coast Guard and stationed in Alaska).

To top off this superb collection there are bonus tunes, actually signature status songs from Lynn Beckman that include, “SHE’S ALL MINE,” “WELCOME HOME COUNTRY BOY,” and “WASTING TIME.”

"A TRIBUTE TO BILLY WALKER" (track # 18 on this CD):
But, as if all of the songs included otherwise were not enough to make this CD a worthwhile choice to round out your collection, there is a “must-have” song that will surely become a legendary piece of country music historic memorabilia… “A TRIBUTE TO BILLY WALKER,” is a song about the legendary Grand Ole Opry star known as ‘The Tall Texan’ who was killed on May 21, 2006, along with his wife Betty and two band members, Danny Patton and Charlie Lilly. Those who have memories of Billy Walker and his country music career will surely want a copy of this tribute--- THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND !!!

For a preview, listen to as many of the audio clips as you wish here on this website, and we think you will definitely agree that this CD is just the right new pick for your personal music collection and for posterity in country music.

"Here's a wonderful... talent now based in Maryland (USA). If you like true-blue country a la story-telling-style then this is for you. Deep-velvet vocals (Lynn is a fella!) in the best Cash-Reeves tradition, the 21 engaging ballads have been commendably produced so to deserve to be sought out by the devotee (especially for the Billy Walker tribute). The mainly self-penned 'easy listening' ballads are professionally paraded and delivered with tender heart. Over recent years, country radio DJs worldwide have taken this man seriously as his talent begs comparison with the best. Not lacking in experience because of past history, this latest CD is ample proof that he is a most competent and compelling talent. Guesting... are his son TIM BECKMAN, LISA MEADOWS, and RONNIE RENO."