Castles & Crowns

by Lynn Beckman

Released 2004
Swanton Records
Released 2004
Swanton Records
Modern middle of the road country story songs and ballads with a hint of traditional country and bluegrass--and three Gospel songs to with a velvet touch.
Lynn Beckman has been named as the recipient of the 2006 NCM RADIO MIKE AWARD as MALE COUNTRY ARTIST OF THE YEAR -- USA by New Christian Music. The award was announced in November, 2006, and will be presented in Bedfordshire, Leighton Buzzard, England, on March 03, 2007 by GRAND OLE OPRY LEGEND GEORGE HAMILTON IV.

If you like a touch of velvet in your country music, both in the writing and in the singing, here are fifteen songs from LYNN BECKMAN that are sure to please --- 12 modern country songs and 3 special new Gospel songs makes this a bonus favorite album without a doubt.
These songs from the heart and soul come from an artist who is becoming more and more recognized and acclaimed worldwide these days. Coming from Swanton (Garrett County), Maryland, Lynn Beckman has been making his talents known across the U.S.A. for many years, but in more recent years he has gained notoriety throughout the world, especially Europe, with several single releases on NCM Records out of the United Kingdom and the Desert Kid and Bear Family Record labels out of Germany.
In June, 2005, Bear Family Records released a box set of masters recorded during the mid-1970s that includes four Lynn Beckman signature songs released on the D Records label from that era. In addition to Lynn Beckman, the box set also features many other artists who formerly recorded for "Pappy" Daily's famous D Record label based in Houston, TX, including such musical greats as George Strait, Floyd Tillman, Eddie Noack, Bob Chestnut (Mark's father) and many others. The "Castles and Crowns" album picks up on the traditions laid down by Lynn Beckman as an artist on the famous D label, but with a hint of velvet---not unlike that of the modern Ray Price---in this project.
"NONE AS WONDERFUL AS YOU" and "I CAME TO SAY IT WITH FLOWERS," the first two songs on the CASTLES AND CROWNS CD were first debuted publicly on WSM Radio and The Midnite Jamboree that originates immediately following the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night in Nashville from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop's Texas Troubadour Theater. The album cover shows Lynn Beckman on stage at the Midnite Jamboree along with Grand Ole Opry legend Billy Walker and The Tennessee Walker Band the show's host, and the liner notes pay tribute to Billy and Bettie Walker, the band, and the management and staff of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and the Midnite Jamboree who have been very supportive of Lynn's musical career.
"NONE AS WONDERFUL AS YOU" and "HE IS RISEN," a fully orchestrated and powerful Gospel song, have both been released as singles in Europe. "HE IS RISEN" was released in Europe by NCM Records out of England during the spring of 2005 and climbed into the top ten on the country Gospel Euro New Christian Music Charts during the Easter season. This version of "NONE AS WONDERFUL AS YOU" was released by Germany's Desert Kid Records at the urging and invitation of German country artist HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER during the summer of 2005, and the song has found its way onto many radio station play lists worldwide.
In addition to the album's title song, other top songs from CASTLES AND CROWNS popular with digital download patrons around the world have been "NONE AS WONDERFUL AS YOU," "I CAME TO SAY IT WITH FLOWERS," "MISSING YOU," "HE IS RISEN," "OUT THE WINDOW," "WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE LOVE GROW," and "WHEN BLUE EYES FAILED TO CRY."
This album contains a variety of story songs, ballads, up-tempo, and positive message songs. It features some of the best studio musicians in the industry today including super-guitar-picker Bryan Sutton who has recorded with many of today's hit-makers, Brad Corbin the former steel guitar player for LoneStar who is now featured with the U.S. Navy Band's Country Current , Robby Meadows, bass player who formerly worked with the Lew DeWitt of Statler Brothers fame and also works now with Cooter's (Ben Jones) Garage Band (Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard TV series). Other featured musicians on the project are Jeff Duffield on keyboards and John Gates on drums. With all of this, CASTLES AND CROWNS represents the essential Lynn Beckman and truly demonstrates this multi-facted and multi-talented artist and writer.
SINGERS: Tracks are available for each song. Email to inquire.