With the echoes of country, Gospel and traditional music embedded in his life and career, Lynn Beckman continues to deliver his own brand of music to international audiences via his recordings. As a prolific songwriter, Lynn is called by some the "WORD-SLINGER" because of his abilithy to string words together to create memorable images and pull people into the subject matter as if they were personally involved in the story line. Further, his smooth, mellow, resonante and conversational delivery of a song makes listening to him seem as though the musical event is like a personal story-telling visit on a summer evening while sitting on the listener's front porch. “I consider myself to be more of a traditional country and Gospel singer and songwriter,” Beckman says. “Even though my own compositions are fresh and new they reflect the music of my past, hints of personal experiences or encounters, and the traditional roots of my life.” Born in Keyser (Mineral County), WV, and reared in Swanton (Garrett County), MD, he cut his musical teeth on traditional music and gained his first experiences as a singer and musician mainly in elementary school and in churches. However, as a shy, quiet and reserved youngster, he recalls finding himself terrified in front of a church, school or community audience even though each performance gained him affirmation and encouragement. His mother tells of his earliest experiences as a toddler entertainer when the family lived in Westernport, MD. She recalls how a couple of young girls in the neighborhood discovered Lynn's unique abilities as a toddler to charm people with his little songs, nursery rhymes, abc's and shy, kddish smile, and they would invite neighborhood mothers and kids to come to the Beckman's backyard, pay a nickel admission, and watch Lynn stand on a board pile and perform. It was while attending a business college in Cumberland, Maryland, in 1962 and 1963 that Beckman found himself hanging around a couple of local radio stations. It was then that he realized he wanted to become a broadcaster. Soon the management of the station put him on the air in Cumberland, MD, and later he landed jobs on WMSG in Oakland, MD, and later on WCST in Berkeley Springs, WV, where he also met his wife, Mary. They were married in 1965. However, before the big moment of marriage there was another one big moment. It was in November,1964, when Lynn was invited by WSM Radio's P.R. person, Trudy Stamper, to Nashville as Mr. D.J. U.S.A., and he appeared on the Friday and Saturday Grand Ole Opry Shows. The invitation came on the heels of a discussion he had with Melba Montgomery whom he met at one of her concerts. Melba suggested that he should go to Nashville as Mr. D.J. U.S.A. The invitation came shortly thereafter from WSM. While in Nashville for the Opry Shows he also appeared with the late Grant Turner, a WSM and Opry announcer, on the Friday evening "Mr. D.J. Show" that was broadcasted live following the Friday Night Opry. The next night, Saturday, Lynn appeared on the world famous GRAND OLE OPRY as a guest. He has also guested on the country legend, WWVA in Wheeling, WV, and the Sagebrush Round-Up in Fairmont, WV. It was during his "Mr. D.J." visit to Nashville that he met many of the artists who have been most influential in his life and career since. Among these is country singing legend Billy Walker, who a few years before his tragic death in 2006 recorded a Gospel song, entitled “For Me,” that Lynn wrote. The song is in Billy's 'BACK ON THE MOUNTAIN' Gospel CD. (Available from “It is ironic,” Lynn says, “that my most successful song to date was recorded and released by one of the first professionals I ever got to know in the music business. Billy Walker’s recording of my song has elicited many responses from as far away as Africa and has also climbed to the top of the New Christian Music Charts in Europe. Released by an English label on March 1, 2004, the song debuted at number three on the NCM Charts the week of March 11, 2004. Up until Billy Walker's tragic death in a vehicle crash on May 21, 2006, Beckman appeared many times on the road with the Billy Walker Show and has appeared various times with the Opry legend and his band on the famous WSM Midnight Jamboree from the Texas Troubadour Theatre at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville. “I cannot imagine how many people have heard my songs around the world because of those shows,” Beckman comments. “The shows were live on WSM and on the internet. Then, they were archived on the record shop’s website and were made available for listening following their original airings.” Beckman has also worked shows in recent years with bluegrass master Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition. Reno also appears as a guest artist on Lynn's CD entioled, "LOOKIN' DOWN THE ROAD." Reno lends his musicianship to all of the tracks with special guitar and mandolin solos on traditional songs like "PICTURE ON THE WALL," "YOU ARE MY FLOWER," "DON'T THAT ROAD LOOK ROUGH AND ROCKY," and "WRECK OF THE OLD 97." Another newer CD, "CONNECTED: GRASSLAND TO GLORYLAND," is a Gospel bluegrass CD that features the talents of bluegrass legend RONNIE RENO. This CD has attained world acclaim and demonstrates that Lynn can hold his own in the bluegrass genre also. The CD was recorded in nothing less than historic sessions at the famous Hilltop Studios in Nashville in August, 2008. Thirteen new and traditional tunes were recorded that were released in January, 2009. The project was produced by Ronnie Reno. Many of the new songs were written by Lynn. The CD not only features the expert picking of The Reno Tradition and the unmistakable harmonies of Ronnie Reno honed by his years appearing with Reno & Smiley, The Osborne Brothers and also Merle Haggard and The Strangers, but it features for the first time Lynn's wife, Mary singing harmony on two special tracks. Lynn Beckman writes most of his materials and also has written for other artists besides Billy Walker who have recorded his works including Germany's famed country artist, HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER who has released Beckman's "HARD TO HANDLE EASY TO LOVE" in Europe on Desert Kid Records. Hermann has also recorded another Lynn Beckman song, the popular "NONE AS WONDERFUL AND YOU" also on Desert Kid Records. The song was released as a 2013 spring promotion radio single on Desert Kid Records. Lynn also wrote a Gospel song recorded by LISA MEADOWS entitled, "HIS PROMISE TO ME" released in January, 2006, in the USA. The song was also released internationally on NCM Records out of the United Kingdom and charted globally as high as number 6 on the New Christian Music Charts. Some of Beckman’s recordings from the mid-1970s on the famed “D” Record label out of Houston, TX, were internationally released in July, 2005, in a box set by Bear Family Records out of Germany; a box set that also features country artists such as George Strait, Floyd Tillman, songwriter-singer Eddie Noack, and many country notables who recorded for "Pappy" Daily's famous southwest record label; a label that launched many artists' careers including the legendary George Jones. Beckman has had songs of his in the Gospel charts in Europe in recent years including “A BRAND NEW BOOK” that remained on the charts for 17 weeks following its July 1, 2004, release and “THERE WERE NO TOYS,” a Christmas song that climbed to number 2 on the Euro Charts during the 2004 Christmas season. The song charted again during Christmas 2005 as well. In more recent months the Gospel song “HE IS RISEN,” has been charted in Europe after its debut in March, 2005; and in 2006 two songs have been listed on the New Christian Music and Euro charts overseas. In March, 2006, "THERE'S A CHURCH ON THE HILL" charted and climbed to number 2, and in May, 2006, "COME AND DINE" became Lynn's first NUMBER 1 record on the international Christian Music and Euro charts. It remained at number 1 for two weeks. Another song that climbed to number 1 for two consecutive weeks is, "THE ROYAL TELEPHONE," the lead track on the "CONNECTED: GRASSLAND TO GLORYLAND" CD. It led the Hot-Disc charts globally in the fall and winter of 2012-2013 by staying in the top ten for most of the season. It remains one of the top-selling and most requested songs in the Lynn Beckman library of materials and is continually listed on DJ and station plays lists world-wide. Lynn's recordings may be ordered from the "BUY MUSIC" section of this website. His songs are also available from most of the major music retailers and internet marketers globally. An internet search of "Lynn Beckman Music" will reveal these digital download websites. Digitals and physical CDs are also available from (search Lynn Beckman or look by song title). “The ‘D’ Singles Collection—Vol. 6” box set is available at (Germany) and at many other fine music retailers around the world. The Box Set may be ordered through this website. Just CLICK ON "LINKS" and go to the "D" Record Collection -- Bear Family Records section.

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