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Writers: I. Lynn Beckman & Mary V. Beckman Artist: Lynn Beckman


Verse 1: Green grass grows Around the house we lived in Flowers bloom by the garden wall The postman brings the mail each morning It all looks great --- But, there’s one thing wrong Chorus: I’m paying for the house I don’t live in --- anymore The mortgage debt doesn’t change with divorce The sign still reads, “Home, Sweet Home” in the kitchen But, Home, Sweet Home, ain’t my house anymore Verse 2: The Welcome mat Is right where I left it On the porch at our front door But, it don’t welcome me like it used to Except when I take her the child support © 2005 FOLKSTONE MUSIC PUBLISHING CO.—BMI and PARADISE RIDGE MUSIC PUBLISHING CO.—ASCAP Lynn Beckman Music Productions, P. O. Box 3012, Swanton, Maryland 21561 U.S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SECURED. USE, PERFORMANCE, OR DUPLICATION WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHER IS PROHIBITED. MADE IN U.S.A.

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